Why I chose Android over Apple IOS – A personal journey

I’m a big fan of Android – Google’s mobile operating system offering. The idea of using the cloud to share data between my smartphone and cloud based apps and having the data backed up on the cloud holds a lot of appeal for me. The issues of local backups and having data unavailable because it’s located on a particular machine disappear. As long as I have a device that can tap into the cloud, I have access to my data.

I’m not anti-Apple. Steve Jobs was a truly remarkable human being. While I never owned any of his company’s products, I do recognise that what Michael Jackson did for popular music, Steve Jobs did for personal computing. Both brought a sense of style, sexiness and innovation to their respective industries. Both were one of a kind.

I am anti-proprietary. For example, a choice of phone hardware from different manufacturers (much like Microsoft Windows OS running on hardware from different suppliers such as Dell or HP); the ability to change batteries in my phone or use a microSD card with it is important to me. I can do that with an Android phone. I can’t with an iPhone. Hence why I tend to avoid Apple and Sony products.

Android is still on an evolutionary path. It’s not perfect. In upcoming blogs, I’ll look at my own experiences of adopting Android as my mobile OS of choice. My next blog will explore some of the pleasant surprises as well as some of the challenges I’ve faced moving from an my old but trustworthy Android phone to a current generation of Android phone.

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