FreeNAS Windows Share Permissions – FreeNAS Users Have Read Only Access

This post has been superseded by the post  Create a Common Read-Only Share in FreeNAS, which better aligns with principles established in Administrator Access to Windows Shares in FreeNAS.

Create media, a Windows share, which that can be managed with Windows permissions and that has the following qualities:

  1. Owned by a user called admin.
  2. FreeNAS users (as defined by the group freenas) have read access to media.
  3. All other users on the local network have no access.

Step 1: Create the media dataset.


Step 2. Alter ownership on the dataset.


Step 3: Create the Windows share.


When the share is viewed from windows everyone has read and execute permissions and freenas users have full permissions. These permissions will be adjusted through Windows when connecting to the share as the admin user.

screenshot.16 screenshot.17

Step 4: Fine tune the permissions through windows.

Remove everyone and adjust freenas user permissions.


A Windows error is generated when trying to write to media as a FreeNAS user.


A Windows error is generated when trying to access media as a non-FreeNAS user.


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