Personal Shares in FreeNAS

There are several advantages of using individual personal shares over home directories in FreeNAS. Refer to Home Directories in FreeNAS for more information.

The trick in setting up personal shares is making sure they have the correct permissions set on them. Personal shares should be just that…personal. So they should not be accessible to everyone, just the user (and the system administrator).

Step 1: Create the user dataset.

I like to establish user datasets under a home dataset. This aids in grouping user datasets together.


When creating user datasets, remember to set the Share type as Windows.


Step 2: Change the ownership of the user dataset.

Set the owner and group to that of the user UID and GID.


Step 3: Create the user share


It’s a good idea to enable the recycle bin for the user share at this point.

Step 4: Adjust the Windows permissions on the share.

If you have problems with this step, please review the post Administrator Access to Windows Shares in FreeNAS.

Share permissions of the user share when first viewed from Windows:


Adjust the permissions so that no one except the user and system administrators have access to the user share. The administrators requires full access for backup file restoration and to meet more sophisticated permissions requirements that may be required within the share.



  1. Home Directories in FreeNAS
  2. Configuring Authenticated Access Without a Domain Controller
  3. Enable the Recycle Bin on FreeNAS Personal Shares

Revision History

  1. Original post. (170401)
  2. Minor corrections. Group permission enhancements. (170508)
  3. Clarification on managing Windows permissions (170517)

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